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Is digital art cheating? Well, you have no idea how often i'm asked this very question. Or just go to Quora Digest and type in this very question, you'll be bombarded with it! In this blogpost i will try to clarify what digital art is and if it's considered cheating or not.

Oke, digital art, is it cheating? Well, think of it as cleaning the floor. Do we still exclusively use a broom and sit on our knees to scrub the floor? No, we use a vacuum cleaner and a simple or maybe more advanced kind of mop or even polishing machine to make our job abit more conveniënt. Times change, technology advances, and that isn't only exclusive to cleaning, transport, or for example digitalizing data in a hospital, it translates to art too.

It's been a while since my first collaboration but nonetheless worth mentioning! My first collaboration was with a epic cinematic music composer called Mika Lumijarvi. Working with him, a passionate Finnish composer, i learnt many things. I consider myself lucky as he is a very relaxed person, he understands what it takes to be an artist. He understands it's a passion and that nothing comes overnight, meeting him early in my career was therefor really beneficial to me as i learnt alot in the process and really managed to push myself to the next level.

I would like to say i woke up one day and decided hey, an art career is what it's gonna be! But no. Eventhough being an artist is all i could ever dream of nowdays, and the fact i couldn't think of any other outcome, this isn't really what i dreamt of, or even studied for when i was younger!

Fun fact: I been told many times when i was really young that i should make a career of my art. But guess what!