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Digital animal portraits

Your animal on canvas
Your animal (or wildlife) fully digitally drawn and printed with the best materials and techniques? This is possible with formats up to a maximum of A-1. High quality photos are a requirement to deliver a good product. High contrasts (clear light or direct sunlight) contribute to a beautiful end result! After delivery of the end product you will also receive the digital original so that you can always have new prints made or use the drawing digitally.

No photoshop!
Eventhough the artwork is completely made in photoshop, it's not a photoshopped picture! The drawing is made by hand stroke after stroke (see video down below). The artwork is drawn with a touch-screen, called a drawing tablet. I use a Huion Kamvas Pro 13 to create the animal portraits.

The possibilities
I create animal portraits for cliënts all around the world, this means i usually send the finished digital artwork through e-mail so the artwork can be printed by a company and on a material of your own choice. I normally only send prints in the Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourgh) if you live in one of these countries, please have a look at the Dutch page for pricing.

If you live in any other country it is possible to send printed artwork if you'd really like me to, but this is usually so expensive that i don't recommend doing that. E-mail is a cheaper solution.

My artworks come in many shapes and forms, color, black and white, with or without a background and up to A1 paper size (ca 60x84 cm or any similar size in other dimensions) and with one or more animals.


Animal portrait with one animal and a simple* background up to A1-size €150,-
Any extra animal on the same painting €65,-
Background, price depending on request €35,- and up

*A simple background is considerd to be a textured and/or colored background like seen on blackphoto's or an extreme landscape blur (see examples).








A very complex kind of background would be something like this:

The process:

Concept art & illustrations for business and personal use

What you can get:
- 2D Creature and character concept art
- Fully rendered illustrations.
- Setup in an environment or backdrop.
- Creature/character-related prop design.
- Creature narrative and development.
- Design elements for further development.

Don't hesitate to contact me about any projects that seemingly don't fit into 'a box'. I'm flexible and always up for a challenge!

Educational & decorative digital wildlife art packs

What you will get:
- Fully rendered art of specific animals or species.
- Closeups of body parts, skeletons & skulls.
- Natural environments to place the animals in.
- Textured backgrounds.
- Design elements and icons.
- Subject-related info for educational purposes.
- JPEG, PNG and PDF.
- Illustrations with and without drop shadow.
- Most images also on transparent backgrounds.
- And much more.


Digital decorative & gaming art packs (Fantasy)

What you will get:
- Fully rendered art of items with and without BG.
- Items can be combined with each other.
- Background textures included.
- Comes in JPEG, PDF and PNG.
- Useful for decoration and/or (tabletop) gaming.

Where to use it:
Baby & children rooms, (tabletop) games, hospitals, schools, mancaves, bathrooms personal prints on pillows, blankets, artboards, bathrooms, etc.