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Allow me to introduce myself

Hi! I'm Tessa Geniets. Tez Art & Design evolved out of my passion for art and design. When i was young i used to draw alot, i was a nightmare at school as any notebooks would be filled with my artworks. Although i been chasing many different careers, it was art i came back to time and time again. This resulted in following a graphic design education followed by many art-courses through different channels.

In 2014 i started traditional art, which was triggered by the birth of my nefew. I meant to make an artwork with pro markers, but these lose their color quickly eventhough they are a premium product and were not well-suited for a big project like the winnie the pooh scene i meant to make. This is when i picked up traditional painting with acryllics. In a matter of years i made many artworks which i could exhibit in several companies.

In 2017 it was time for the next step, digital art and design was included. I would start making menu's for restaurants, make company-presentations, billing documents, advertisements and so on. This was also the year i started with digital art. It wasn't only fun to do, but it was also very practical for someone with limited time and space.
When i developed my skills in photoshop my personaly slogan started to ring true: "The only things that have no place in imagination, are boundaries". A completely new world opened up to me, i was 32 and i finally knew what i wanted to do! And Tez Art & Design was born!