I do NOT deal in NFT at this moment. If you see any of my art sold as an NFT: This is not approved by me and thus not a legit copy. Please contact me when you notice any such practice, thank you!

Welcome to Tez Art & Design!

Tez art & Design has been standing for quality and for bringing you the right solution for your project since 2017. When your project says ‘realism’ and ‘quality’ you are at the right address. You can always approach me for things like:

· Game (concept) art · Character and creature designs · Book covers · Illustrated books · Landscapes · Concepts · Props · Pet and wildlife art, and much more ·

At Tez Art & Design, your vision and deadlines are important to me, but so is creating a unique and personal flair to the work to make your project stand out above the rest. I stand for quality and always deliver custom work fit for your project.

I can deliver both concepts and full renders, depending on what your project needs. Along with creature and character design, I also excel at prop and gaming assets as well as other illustrations or concepts you may require.

Feel free to contact me with all of your questions and request, or a quote!