I do NOT deal in NFT at this moment. If you see any of my art sold as an NFT: This is not approved by me and thus not a legit copy. Please contact me when you notice any such practice, thank you!

Welcome to Tez Art & Design!

Tez Art & Design, owned by Tessa Geniets, has specialized in character, and creature designs as well as 2D game development assets encompassing subjects like creatures, characters, props, and naturally occuring elements like rocks, trees, gems, flowers, etc. But also buttons, frames, and more. She can do so in three different styles: Realistic, playful (Spudnik and Knofje style) and anime.

Tez Art & Design is well-established within the art world, and knows many artists and developers she could refer to in case you’re in need of something she can’t provide. Be that because of deadlines or specific specializations.
Collaborating with other artists and/or developers that are familiar with each other might significantly speed up your project as well.

Don’t hesitate to send a message and ask for more information, I gladly help out!

Latest news

New website for Tez Art & Design

15-11-2021, and the new Tez Art & Design website is live! Thank you all for your ongoing support and for making Tez Art & Design possible, to begin with! If you worked with me before, don’t worry, I still offer the same services, plus more. So if there is anything you commissioned me for before, you can still do so again, even when it’s not listed anymore on the website, like animal portraits.

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