Project and art director

When a creative project i s growing fast, it can be helpful to have someone around that organizes everything for you and redirects all the info to the right sources. This can be a variety of artists, a web developer, a publisher, and anyone else you might have on your team.

What I do

Think of a story tucked away in your head, ready to come out. A bunch of written information here and there. A myriad of artists coming and going for a multitude of reasons. Art is everywhere, but only part of it is named. A website partially built and abandoned. Outdated information, changing storylines, and social media channels that didn’t see a post for many months.

Sounds familiar? Maybe your project is for the gaming industry or another creative project, but regardless: That is where I could come in to organize everything, get the right info at the right places for you at the right time, and help to manage the creative people working in your team to get to the best possible outcome with as little as possible stress.

What I have to offer

As an art director, an artist, and a project manager I’m capable of creating a brand that is unique to your project. I can also help out with art pieces, creating unique concepts, art books, and more.
My years in the mentally disabled care and restaurant services shaped me into a person that is result-oriented but never forgets the person behind the work. I do expect people to do their best, but I also know that everyone has a different workflow and that sometimes life can happen. I treat people with respect and understanding and am always straightforward, also towards team members that for some reason don’t pull their own weight.
I believe that when everyone knows where they’re at inside a team and feel like they’re heard that they will reach their highest potential.

Technical and artistic skills

  • Familiar with Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator.
  • Illustrator and concept artist.
  • Specialized in creature designs (both fantastical and anatomically correct creatures)
  • Can also draw humans, anthropomorphs, props, and natural landscapes.
  • Capable of working with and updating WordPress sites.
  • Familiar with several Social Media channels.
  • Familiar with collaborative programs like Evernote, Asana, and
  • Capable of video editing in Hitfilm Express.
  • Worked before with platforms like Youtube, Patreon, and Kickstarter.
  • Creating art books.
  • And more.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if there are things you need help with that are not listed. It might be that I have the knowledge and resources for it anyway, and if not, I likely know someone who does.

Branding for the Modihu Chronicles. Background (map) by Timotheé Mathon, art and framing/branding by me.

What I need from you

A bit of your time. To get started I will need to be briefed about my exact assignments, where the project is at, who you work with, and what problems you are facing within your project. Depending on your preferences we can do that through mail or voice chat.

From my experience, it takes time to get a project up and rolling with momentum. This of course greatly depends on where you are at at this point and how large the project is. In the beginning, we will have to come together with a high frequency (once or twice a week) to evaluate everything. After some time a flow will surface and from there, your workload will go down significantly.

The goal is to ultimately get to a point where you get to do whatever you are best at, and we only have contact once in a while to determine what the next steps will be, share updates, and troubleshoot.

What to expect

While I’m working on your project, I’m also working on others. This means that I’m not available full-time, but I am part-time. During the start of a project, the workload is usually about twice to three times as high as when all the gears are turning. However, it’s not unusual for me to be asked to pick up extra tasks after that, so that is always negotiable.

It’s hard to give you a number of hours to go from because this completely depends on the size, the speed it’s going at, and the stage of your project. But to give you an idea of which ballpark you’re in you can expect to need me for roughly 40-60 hours in the first month, and after that drop down to about 1/4th to 1/3rd of the workload total to get momentum in a project with the following specifications:

    • Getting to know and directing 3-5 artists.
    • Sifting through available art, figuring out who is who or what is what, and organizing that.
    • Giving feedback, directing, and providing resources for building a website.
    • Creating priority lists for art and other resources (like for example character descriptions).
    • Branding for the available art and website (Think of logos, banners, and art backdrops like you see here to the right).
    • Getting together to evaluate the course the project is taking.
    • Branding for social media and press.

    Obviously, this is just an example, you might not be in a hurry, but do want someone around to fall back on and is completely up to date for when your project does start taking off, or your project might be much larger. Don’t hesitate to contact me for something like that either!

    Projects from the past and the present


    Feel free to contact me any time. You might want to get in contact to see if I’m the right person for your project or to check with me when I have time available to come and help you out on your project. I always put a good experience first for everyone involved, getting in touch early on helps a great deal. I hope to hear from you soon!