Hi! My name is Tessa. I'm the owner of Tez Art & Design, Life to Legend, and co-owner of Spudnik and Knofje. I specialized in character and creature design, as well as creating game assets that encompass character design creature design, and props.

Priced examples

Priced examples Welcome to the curious world of my illustrations and their prices. I always like to be as transparent as I can, so allow me to help you on your way.The prices are based on an hourly rate, which explains the variety in the prices and is also why they are variable. First, we…

New website for Tez Art & Design

15-11-2021, and the new Tez Art & Design website is live! Thank you all for your ongoing support and for making Tez Art & Design possible, to begin with! If you worked with me before, don’t worry, I still offer the same services, plus more. So if there is anything you commissioned me for before, you can still do so again, even when it’s not listed anymore on the website, like animal portraits.