Hello! My name is Tessa. I’m born and raised in the Netherlands and am active in the artworld since 2013. I have an enormous passion for nature, something that reflects in my art. Creature design is my specialization, and as humans are part of the animal kingdom: I specialized in character design as well.

In my free time I’m either out and about in the Dutch ‘wilderness’ or I’m playing games. Games have inspired me for years and will do so many more. My affinity for games have led me to build art packs specifically for game developers as well. Both non-exclusive and exclusive packs and series. I love working in this field as most of the time, the people are just as passionate about their games as I am about my art.

I have a lot of experiences in working both on corporate projects and more personal projects, so I do fine in either fashion. Most of the time I work alone, but I have been working in teams as well. Spudnik and Knofje is an ongoing example of that.


I worked on many different projects of which most are not my own. There are two exceptions, which are Spudnik and Knofje, a collaboration with Jade Zivanovic, an artist from Australia, and Life to Legend, which is a community based platform built in an effort to educate artists and give them a headstart in the field.

Tez Art & Design is both the place to commission me for anything unrelated to these two projects, and the umbrella company for Life to Legend and Spudnik and Knofje, the last of which is co-owned by Jade Zivanovic.

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