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Fully rendered illustrations for anything real and surreal

Animal hybrids | Creature design | Character design | Prop design

You are in need of art for your game or book, an avatar, a scene of your Dungeons and Dragons gameplay, or maybe something else.
I did many characters- and creature designs for different fields and I'm not shy to try something new.
Feel free to contact me for both single and multiple commissions. I'm also available for long term assignments.

What I need to know when you want to commission me

  • Is it a character, creature, or hybrid design?
  • Are reference images available or does it need to be designed from scratch?
  • Do you need a portrait (headshot) or a full-body illustration?
  • Does your art need a detailed background or is a textured background enough?
  • A rough description of your creature, character, or hybrid.
  • How many artworks do you need?
  • What is your deadline?
  • What will the artwork be used for?
  • Did you ever commission art before?

Digital files and file specifics
I create art for cliënts all around the world, which means I usually send the finished digital artwork through e-mail so the artwork can be printed by a company and on a material of your own choice. Said files are at least 1 meter high and/or wide (longest side) and always 300 dpi which is great for prints. You will also receive a smaller 72 dpi file which can be used online.

Referring and posting online
I am aware that art can't always be posted online, or can't be posted yet, we will discuss the details on if and when I can post said art online. I will always refer to the commissioner (you) to send extra traffic your way, it's very much appreciated when you do the same in return. I don't always post everything on my social media pages.

You will get an accurate quote (estimate) after your message, but to give you an idea of what ballpark you're in, below are some examples.
Note that licensing is not included! These are prices meant for personal use only, this means editing and resale is not allowed unless stated otherwise within the contract.
Prices depend on the complexity of the piece, the number of elements (amount of characters/creatures and props) if a background is included, the extent of the details within an artwork (someone in her onesy is easier to draw than a heavily armored and adorned undead knight for example) and also if clear reference images are available or that research has to be done beforehand by me.
Returning customers or those that place multiple orders at once can expect a discount.


A project + background for a local company selling different kinds of rare and fairly unknown animals.
(€150,- and up)

Fully rendered art created for an Indie game including background, there was no visual reference available at the time, this affects the price as i need to do research.
(€250,- and up)

A portrait character design with textured background made for a writer, to help visualize his characters.

(€75,- and up

One of my character designs with a simple background, specifically made for my patreon page.

(€150,- and up)

Fully rendered 'concept' art for an indie game.
(€95,- and up)

Personal project promoting local nature and art including a relatively simple background.
(€150,- and up)

Assignment for a baby room.
(€150,- and up)



Realistic wildlife, pet and farmanimal illustration

What you will get:

- Fully rendered art of your pet or favorite wildlife animal, drawn straight from your favorite picture
- Minor touchups, like stains, windblown fur etc.
- Simple textured background for free
- Fully rendered background (Optional)

File specifics:
- 300dpi printable file of the illustration

- 72 dpi WEB-file for display online
- Printable file longest size max 1 meter (39 inch)
- Web-file longest size max 1 meter (39 inch)

- Stay part of the development through process images and constant updates
- Print service through displate (Optional)

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Flexible printing service in the Netherlands

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Character designs for personal and commercial use

What you will get:
- 2D Character design, fully rendered (Illustration)
- Free simple textured background (Optional)
- Setup in an environment or backdrop (Optional)
- Character-related prop design (Optional)
- Character narrative and development (Optional)

File specifics:
- Dislodge character from background
- 300DPI print image of all versions
- 72DPI web image of all versions
- Printable file longest size max 1 meter (39 inch)
- Web-file longest size max 1 meter (39 inch)

- Stay part of the development through process images and constant updates
- Have an illustrator work on your projects that will engage with the project itself in an effort to make the best product possible. This means that I like to know more about the project and/or creature(s) you would like to have drawn.

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