Life to Legend

My roles: Owner, content writer, content creator, and teacher.

Life to Legend is a project which is close to my heart. It’s a blog about art, as well as a place for artists to learn, and be part of a community. Life to Legend has a Facebook page, a Discord channel, as well as a Youtube page.

Life to Legend first became known as Wildlife and Creature design on Facebook only. It was February 2020 when it came live. It quickly grew to be more than that, and so Life to Legend was born a little less than a year later. In September 2021 the Wildlife and Creature design group changed into a public one, harboring the active members from the old group and welcoming new ones. This was also when character design was included.

This initiative was meant to be a community built project from the start. Much of the art displayed on the website of Life to Legend is drawn and donated by community members. This way a wide variety of art can be displayed, and the artists are promoted in turn as well. Overtime this created a nice selection of people which I know I can rely on, and also can refer to when I can’t help out on a project or commission.

The same counts for some other parts of the website, like the creature and character design generator, and a hidden signup form specifically meant for selected artists to send in their art for Life to Legend. They are built by two people that know their way around codes.

The future of Life to Legend

Life to Legend is in the first place an educationally oriented blog, meant to teach people about art, creature designs, and character designs, but also about nature, as that’s a really important basis for creature design and world building.
In the future it will also provide courses about said subjects, until that time arrives, courses are available on Skillshare!

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