What Spudnik and Knofje can mean for your project

My roles: Co-owner and content creator/illustrator

Spudnik and Knofje is a collaboration between two artists. Their styles are somewhat similar, but still reflect the unique personalities and techniques of both of the artists. Spudnik and Knofje, or any of its art is not for sale through any other channels but our own. But the style can be applied for your projects. You can either choose to hire one of us, or both of us for your project, doubling the output over the same period of time.

We are both experienced artists that can tackle projects like book illustrations, book covers, game assets, the creation of mascots, logo’s and more. Feel free to contact us for more information!

The story behind Spudnik and Knofje

Spudnik and Knofje is a collaboration between Tessa Geniets and Jade Zivanovic. Spudnik and Knofje could be thought of as Alter Ego’s and they describe the daily highs and lows of two introverted artists and what keeps them busy. It also shows the unique friendship between two people who never met because they live on the opposite sides of the globe during a global pandemic.

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