Tez Art & Design

What changed

I specialized in creature and character design, but still work on pet portraits as well!

From this moment on, Tez Art & Design is the umbrella company for:

As mentioned before: You can still commission me for the same things as before, but I did decide to specialize in a few fields. Some of them are creature design, character design, and prop design, another one is art packs. This way I can make art for anyone who needs it, no matter the budget. So even when you don’t have a large budget to work from, you still might be able to find useful art for your projects among my art packs.

Life to Legend

Many of you are already familiar with Life to Legend. A blog meant to educate other artists, inspire them, and in the near future, also offer courses about character design, creature design, art, and more. This project saw the light of day in early 2021, and is now taking flight as I hoped it would. It’s a big gamble to spend a year on writing blog posts on a weekly basis alongside other projects, a regular day job, and well, life in general. Life to Legend is a promising project, and now it does as well as it does, it was time to overhaul the structure of Tez Art & Design, as this project is one to stay, just like the following one.

Spudnik and Knofje, ready to face the artistic world together!

Spudnik and Knofje

Another change I’m really excited about is the Spudnik and Knofje project. This was initially a joke between Jade, my friend artist, and me, but it evolved into something way more. We’re now laying the pavements to turn it into something big. A place where people can laugh about the dramatic and wonderful lives of a potato (Jade) and garlic (me). The reflection of two artists doing what they love most, and their lives around it. This also paved the way for a new art style, a style I can be commissioned for as well!