The Modihu Chronicles

My roles: Art Director, Personal Assistant, Concept artist, and Illustrator.

A science fiction written by Brian Harrison, plays out in a galaxy not our own, and in a time where human beings no longer are on the top of the food chain. For more check out the website!

The war was over, or so they thought. Mankind had suffered at the hands of the Fallen for generations. A bold band of men and women rose up against the supernatural menace and sealed the World Gate, cutting off their source of slaves, and the way back to Earth. However, the shadow of the Fallen has returned, and the enemy has once again taken control of the World Gate.

A new band of men and women have risen again to combat the dark power of the Fallen, but will they be strong enough to turn the tide and give humanity a chance at true freedom?

About the author

Brian Harrison has been chasing dragons and hoping galaxies for as long as he can remember. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States gave him lots of time to sit around and conjure worlds as the rain fell. When he’s not traveling around the 48 contiguous states driving commercial motor vehicles, you will find him behind his laptop screen hammering away on the newest adventures of the Modihu and their eternal struggle with the corrupt Fallen. Check out “Blades and Shadows: A Modihu Story” on Amazon.

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