What can I expect when I commission you?

Step 1

The first step is to establish what you’re looking for. We will talk through your project, what you will use it for, and what exactly you need. This includes questions like: What is the color palette, do you have reference images, and are you looking for a specific pose.
Other questions can be: What size are you looking for and what file formats do you need. I will also communicate to you when the official startdate is, because this isn’t always right away.

I will summarize everything for you in an e-mail and send it your way for approval combined with the corresponding contract.

Step 2

You can take your time to dig through the contract. Once you approved you send it back to me and you will be able to pay the first half of the commission or if you prefer to fully. This invoice will be ready and waiting for you at your Paypal account.

Step 3

The official start date occurred and the payment came through as well as the contract. I will now start drawing and I get back to you usually within a week with some concepts and/or sketches for your approval. You can now revise these concepts twice if you feel that is needed. After each of both revisions I will send the edited versions your way.

Step 4

When we land on the final design I will continue to add flat colors. This gives you a rough idea of how the final image will look. Don’t expect too much of this phase as everything that makes it look ‘real’ is absent. This phase is only to establish the earlier sketches and the color palette.

Step 5

Just like in step 3 you have two revisions. But these are also the final ones. This is because the next phase, the rendering phase which will make everything look ‘real’ is very time-consuming and unforgiving. This is also the point where you pay the second half of the commission if you didn’t do this yet. (Unless otherwise specified).

Step 6

I will continue to work on the artwork. This phase takes longer than those before and I don’t send in-between images because they will just give you a heartattack :p. Realistic images will start looking worse before they start looking better because of all the factors that are involved in drawing them in a realistic style. When I’m done I will send you the final piece. Some very minor edits might be possible at this point, but don’t expect too much of it.

As soon as you approve I will wrap up the commission and send you the images as follows through WeTransfer:

  1. One 100 dpi WEB-use version with my signature.
  2. One 100 dpi WEB-use version without my signature.
  3. One 300 dpi printable PDF file (standard file that is used by printing services).
  4. One 300 dpi png file.
  5. Anything else we discussed.